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Jay Gaskins, San Clemente

I enjoy reading San Clemente Times’ columns from Jim Kempton. He is very well-read, well-traveled and articulates his points of view eloquently. This time, however, he missed the reasoning behind Trump’s voter revolution in the Sept. 15 column Wavelengths: Justice for All, Working Class Anger Cannot Be Ignored. For the record, I represent myself as a common-sense conservative and find little common ground these days with the Republican Party (or even Trump). The content and details of trade treaties and American finance are far too complex and sophisticated for the average person of any political persuasion to use as a voting foundation—particularly when many voters use face recognition and television popularity as their guide. Additionally, the issues such as U.S./foreign trade agreements have very little (if anything) to do with motives for the Donald Trump “bandwagon revolution” that has materialized this cycle.

I am not a fan of Donald Trump, but it is amazingly easy for me to explain why most of his supporters are voting for him. There are three types of Trump voters: the “Support Trump, no matter what he says” hardcore faction; those who will vote for Trump due to their white-hot hatred for Hillary Clinton’s secret life; and those who feel that Freedom of Speech waved bye-bye to us a long time ago and see Trump as a “say what is on his mind” mouthpiece—as juvenile and impotent as those free speeches might be—and had no alternate, viable candidate to put into office. Those voters have become very tolerant of his unapologetic public behavior. The contrast between his infantile behavior and Clinton’s “just short of criminal” arrogance is bold and discernable. The fact that Trump’s campaign brought the Republican Party to its knees was merely an added bonus for those of us who are fed up with the party and the American political system.

The deliberate and incremental deterioration of the freedom of speech amendment to the U.S. Constitution has taken a presidential candidate that no one would have ever considered voting for and turned him into a potential U.S. President.
Sadly, Hillary Clinton will most-likely be elected but not for her qualifications or abilities, rather for her history-making gender characteristics. Clinton is far from a good choice for the office; however, all she had to do was sit back and let Trump hit his downward spiral of self-destruction, which is due to his narcissistic tendencies. By the way, those same narcissistic qualities and attributes were just fine with liberals when he was a celebrity only.

These candidates may have done this so poorly and done it so dishonestly, that a third party could possibly rise as more than just a joke, or that both prime parties will be turned upside-down and evolve into something that the actual American taxpaying citizenry could proudly (and without embarrassment) align themselves.

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  • Hillary should be indicted and prosecuted to the fullest extent of the law. She broke the law in transferring classified material, doing so on an unsecured personal server, and did it to hide her criminal activity with the Clinton foundation. It appears foreign entities hacked her personal server and perhaps that is why the individual who gave America information regarding Iran’s nuclear program was discovered and hanged.

    She attempted to hide the evidence of her malfeasance by having her employees destroy electronic devices and using bleach bit on others containing information the FBI had ordered her to turn over.

    She is partially responsible for the deaths of Americans in Benghazi by failing to insure our consulate staff had adequate security, which was a responsibility of the Secretary of State. Then Hillary AND Obama lied to the American people about it.

    In collusion with the DNC, she cheated to gain the Democrat nomination from Bernie Sanders and has continued to cheat during the election by cooperating to receive debate and town hall forum questions before hand. She sent thugs to Trump rallies to incite violence while others have been employed in voter fraud on her behalf.

    Hillary Clinton is a corrupt, lying shrew who will sell America to the highest bidder. She is not only vulnerable to blackmail by foreign governments, but will most likely be impeached if she is elected. America has had enough from this crooked drama queen, it is time for a change.

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