Herman Sillas wrote an article regarding the topic of equal pay for equal work (July 18 issue). That rally cry is way too broad. We should instead be calling for equal pay between men and women only if all of the following are also equal: work output, education, job training, experience and total number of hours worked each year.

In fact, that last item was the reason given by a Harvard study as to why there is a pay discrepancy: men tend to work more hours per year than women. In general, men come in earlier for work and stay later, take fewer vacation days, take work home with them, are more willing to come in on their days off, and men are also more willing to go on business travel. A typical response to the above is that women employees might have children to care for, but from an employer’s point of view, it is work output that counts. We need to view controversial topics such as this with facts and common sense, not emotions.

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