Robert Mason, San Clemente

You may have seen those full-page back cover ads in the San Clemente Times from the Lincoln Club spouting misinformation about sober living homes and lawsuits. The Lincoln Club is a right-wing political and pro-development political action committee (PAC) from Newport Beach trying to sway our City Council election. They have direct business ties to the Transportation Corridor Agencies (The Toll Roads) and are supporting City Council candidates who promote the divisive Measure V-District Elections in San Clemente.

Currently, the election system we have enables residents to vote for five councilmembers every four years. Under district elections, you will only be able to vote for one councilmember every four years. Yes, that’s right—only one every four years. That is just not good representation, as currently our councilmembers represent the entire city, not just one district. San Clemente is not mandated by the State to require district elections and the city does not have a lawsuit forcing us to have district elections.

So why does an out of town PAC from Newport Beach interfere in our small-town elections? They will be endorsing three City Council candidates. Watch out for them and do not vote for them. It is up to you, the voter, to recognize “dark, political, pro-development money” when you become aware of it. A vote for district elections is a vote for The Toll Roads. This is very divisive and does not belong in our Spanish village by the sea.

We are one town, one team.


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  • TCA consultants donate to the Lincoln club. – the Lincoln club has endorsed many pro TCA and toll road extension candidates – including ed Sachs chairman of the TCA board – Peggy huang,, joe muller and on and on – no thanks

  • No on Measure V – Lincoln Club provides monetary support of many of the TCA Board members, Ed Sachs the Chairman of the TCA Board is supported by the Lincoln Club – Wendy Bucknam, City Council Member in Mission Viejo who passed a resolution to support the 241 Extension. Dan Bane a SC city council candidate is also receiving money from the Lincoln Club. Mr Bane also worked on the Measure V in San Clemente for districting. Currently we get 3 votes for a council member if districting is passed only 1 vote – Vote No on Measure V seems a vehicle to make it easier for special interests to control our town.

comments (2)

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