Carter Redish, San Clemente

Just got finished reading the Aug. 16-22 Letters to the Editor and came across “Man-Made Climate Change is a Hoax” where the author claims that “the greatest hoax of the century” is man-made climate change. To prove the hypothesis, the author references the National Geographic study on polar ice that demonstrates that natural, not human-caused, climate change has occurred throughout history. He challenges anyone to point out one thing on earth that doesn’t naturally change over time. That brings to mind the change in the population of our fragile planet.

In 1900, the world had a total population of around 1.6 billion. Today the total world population is nearing 7.7 billion. All the associated services and industries we have created to serve our needs, providing fuel to run our transportation and energy infrastructure, agriculture to grow our food, chemicals to meet our many needs, pharmaceutical companies to develop the medicines needed or don’t need, and all this expansion by humans, through our pollution, is bringing our planet to the breaking point and to the point of no return. Species are becoming extinct at a frightening rate, new islands of plastic waste are being created in our oceans, and our forests are being destroyed.

But that’s all “natural change,” according to the author, so we shouldn’t worry. Perhaps in 1,000 years the future inhabitants of our planet, whoever they might be, will unearth, in that portion of our continent that was once called California, the fossils exposed in the desert sand, the bones of the humans who once covered the planet but went extinct due to their own shortsightedness, greed and stupidity.

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