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Dennis J. Murphy, San Clemente

As a registered Independent and one who truly tries to remain apolitical, it has become increasingly difficult treading water with the masses of rational, logical tax-paying Americans who find themselves in the midst of a civil war.

It is sad that Sen. John McCain isn’t here to help us out, but at least we have the San Clemente Times’ Jim Kempton to give us hope and enlighten us regarding morals and virtues, per the Wavelengths column in the Feb. 28-March 6 edition. Sadly, after reading and re-reading the supposed journalist’s column, it became apparent that Mr. Kempton has become afflicted with Trump Derangement Syndrome (TDS).  Presently, the only known cure for this is to educate oneself using different information sources and to engage in critical thinking along with the use of grandma’s good, old common sense.

Since investigative journalism has gone the way of the Helms Bakery truck, we now have naive, sophomoric minds making allegations and assertions by using the words “may have” in their prose. Now that’s irresponsible!

“Trump may have” done this or “Trump may have done that”— without any factual basis. Dangerous and ruinous fake news has obviously been circulating for anyone paying attention, and Mr. Kempton cites the First Amendment to protect this fifth-column media in our cultural /civil war. Go figure. Would this save the republic and instill values in our children?

It works both ways. Would it be appropriate for me or someone else to go around saying things about Jim Kempton without any proof or unbiased, accurate information? I think not.

Maybe, in a future column, “Wavelengths” will weigh in on the attempted coup to oust a duly elected POTUS and the ramifications this would have had on our children and our children’s children. When it comes down to teaching the young minds, give them the whole story.

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  • Mr. Murphy–

    I enjoyed your letter.
    However, there is no such thing as “Trump Derangement Syndrome”. I searched high and low in the DSM and it is nowhere to be found. Here’s what it is though. It’s a Fox News kind of a brand defense thing created by folks who support Trump, which is mostly now a cult of personality.

    As well; there is a President who has lied an estimated 6,000 plus times in the brief 2 years he lost the popular vote but won the electoral college with the aid of V. Putin. Those are facts from the NY Times and 18 of our venerable intel agencies. If there is any derangement, it may be in the unhinged clownish tweet generator at 1600 Penn. Ave.

    Back to Kempton’s point— What to tell the kids? Should we stay with the Fox News talking points? Or should we tell them the truth bout the vulgar clown we elected?

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