Samantha Starr, Santa Barbara (San Clemente)

Over seven years ago, Stacie N. Galang, former editor of the San Clemente Times, explained to us the strides that our city forged in her article, “Forget the Foam.” It was the city’s stance against the pollutant called polystyrene, or what a lot of people think of as Styrofoam. San Clemente successfully banned the product in local businesses. Yet, the state of California still needs to catch up to this requirement and justified act by our city.

A lot of pollutants come from things we don’t need and we’ve known we shouldn’t use for the last decade. This trash ends up in our oceans where it injures and kills birds and marine animals like sea turtles.

Now that San Clemente has taken the lead in conservation and preservation, California is attempting to catch up and make polystyrene a state-wide ban. Environmentally conscious advocates are going door-to-door legislate a ban on Styrofoam products in January 2019. Let us stand with the rest of the state and encourage our success with the state Legislature.

As a graduate of San Clemente High School, and current student at UC Santa Barbara, I am proud to be from a city that has made such headway on the topic and hope further support can be created from San Clemente residents.



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