John Torok, San Clemente

Here we go again!

What is it with government officials who do not understand “No Toll Roads through San Clemente”?

The latest recommendation for The Toll Roads extension continues to be an idea that doesn’t solve the traffic problem but creates more unwanted problems for residents in San Clemente. I totally oppose the latest suggestion, including all the others on the table for the following reasons:

1. It does not reduce the traffic congestion, but adds to it and pushes an already problematic situation to Talega residents in San Clemente.

  1. It creates more noise and environmental pollution (gas fumes) created by more cars for the residents in the Talega area. Since most of the prevailing winds are eastwardly, all this dangerous pollution ends up in our area, creating an unhealthy situation for our residents. We already have increased pollution just from the La Pata extension.
  2. The effects of additional traffic and roads causes our property values to decrease.
  3. The people of San Clemente do not want a toll road through our city. We have been saying this for over a year, yet you and the other politicians continue to pursue this bad idea. It is obvious that you are not listening to the wishes of your constituents! Even after your political campaigns indicated that you oppose this toll road through our community, you manage to keep adding to the problem. Shameful!

If “they” want to reduce congestion on I-5 by creating a way to get around San Clemente, the only viable solution is to build a free road east of the hills of San Clemente that intersects with I-5 south of San Clemente. This is the best solution for the travelers as well as residents—(the ones) who pay their salary and taxes.

For me, this is the top issue regarding South Orange County. There is nothing more important than stopping another ineffective road through my community. I will hold Lisa Bartlett, Kathy Ward and all the local city and county politicians accountable for their campaign promises.

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  • many 15 travelers have to exit early and clog the 5 toget where their going the 76 78 and 241 are a great distance apart and the 74 ortega is difficult and dangerous to navigate
    if a tunnel was built under the ortega mountain many would use it resulting in less time spent on the 5 to conduct their business thus lessening congestion
    the gold recovery from the project may even offset the cost and the spoil from excavation might help fortify our cost or supply building materials
    the 241 could stop at this junction also tying all these arteries together so all spend less time on
    the 5 ?

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