SCSQUARED halfBy Kerry Sink, San Clemente

Regarding the freeway sign issues in last month’s council discussion is just hard to follow for me. Keeping drivers focused on the road makes perfect sense. What I can’t get past is that someone on council always seems to disagree with the height of any proposed new building sighting. Someone always says, “It will block the ocean view from the freeway.”

I remember when Rick Skillman had plans for the Ralph’s plaza, but it was deemed too high. Yet a bell tower is there now, exceeding the proposed height. And latest, a multi-use building was put on hold for these exact reasons. Note that it too was planned for a vacant lot across from the new Ralph’s.

In Santa Barbara, you need a smartphone to find your destination and it sucks. This city needs signs to take advantage of the constant delays in freeway traffic to welcome visitors as they pass through our lovely town, not having to be distracted by their smartphone to locate a restaurant or a mini shopping spree to break up their commute.

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  • While there are some benefits to signs and taller buildings, one of the reasons SC might be called lovely is that we dont have too many of them. If the cost of keeping a relaxed and low pressure environment is some cell phone inconvenience, or any other insignificant disadvantages, its a cost worth bearing because we all know too well what has happened everywhere intense development takes over.

    • An often natural reaction is to push back on change we are not driving ourselves. It is important that people take a step back and look at this more holistically.

      The underlying issue is not the cosmetics of signs or placement. This issue is that times have indeed changed. Traditional marketing is expensive and ineffective by comparison to digital marketing.

      Here are some quotes from a recent article on prnewswire.

      “THE PROBLEM: Traditional marketing no longer works. Radio spots, TV ads, billboards and tent sales are mainstays of most …’ marketing plans. But the ROI just isn’t there anymore. ”

      “THE SOLUTION: Digital media result in more sales and cost less. … But it’s just the opposite with digital marketing, which includes websites, social networks, email, smartphones, tablets and kiosks. … If you stick with conventional methods, you’ll pay 10 times more than necessary.”

      So while some do not appreciate digital marketing it is here to stay. The mathematics of digital marketing show increased foot traffic of the kind of customers business need at a lowest cost possible.

      What would be ideal is if the city help sponsor events to help our local businesses get up to speed on digital marketing is the best ways possible.

comments (2)

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