Jay Gaskins, San Clemente

I find it disturbing that people would have the arrogance to rebut a letter authored by a San Clemente newcomer regarding the eyesore of the advertisements on the outside of San Clemente High School. The writer hasn’t lived in town long enough to make that observation.

The presumption that you would need to have been born and raised in San Clemente to know what the blight of commercial advertising on a major street-facing fence of a high school looks like is inconceivable.

For business, I drive all through Southern California daily, weekly and monthly, often through the barrios of LA County. Even in the areas that sit in the socioeconomic cellar in LA County, the residents have resisted the urge to allow commercial advertising on high school fences, which is also true in Monrovia, where the original writer is from.

There probably is not much value to the advertising itself. By the way, people in the San Gabriel Valley know as much about the pathetic egocentric narcissism of local business owners’ faces being posted to a chain link fence as people that were born and raised in South Orange County.

The only thing less classy about the commercial graffiti at San Clemente High School is the rebuttal to the letter from someone complaining about the unattractiveness of it, having only been here four months.

Is the City Council that did everything possible to keep a gas station owner from having one sign of advertising and an outlet mall from advertising anything at all OK with turning our only high school into a real-life webpage pop-up ad center?

I find the advertising a complete visual atrocity, just like our new neighbors.

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  • i like the spirit and fund raising of the signs but , i find them blight-ful like the chain link fence maybe if they peppered the sports field instead ??????????????

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