Kathy Morales, San Clemente

On Nov. 1, a car collision occurred on Camino Vera Cruz between Camino de Los Mares and Vista Hermosa. It appeared that a passenger car was attempting to make a left-hand turn onto Vera Cruz and collided with a maintenance vehicle.

The speeding on Vera Cruz has been a concern for many years. The speeding on Vera Cruz places Forster Ranch residents and those who use Vera Cruz as a thoroughfare at risk. The speed limit from Vista Hermosa to Costero Risco is 40 miles an hour. The speed limit from Costero Risco to Camino de los Mares is 35 miles an hour.

These speed limits may appear frustrating to motorists who are on their way to school, the soccer fields or the freeway, but they are in place for a reason. Residents who rely on Vera Cruz as their only outlet to city streets cannot see approaching cars due to the curvature of the road! Residents must inch their way out onto Vera Cruz and pray that someone isn’t racing down the street. Children who walk to the schools along Vera Cruz are doing so within 5-6 feet of speeding cars. Children that ride their bikes in the bike lane are doing so within 1-2 feet of speeding cars.

Families and residents use Vera Cruz to exercise, walk the family dog and access the park. There are numerous stories of families and children in Forster Ranch that have missed being hit by motorists within inches and/or seconds.   The speed monitoring boxes do not stop motorists from speeding.  Motorists receiving citations for speeding will change this dangerous habit.  We need more officers on duty to supervise our city streets and deter speeding.  If you share this concern, please voice your opinion and help avoid a tragic accident.

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