Mike Zalke, San Clemente

I have lived in Southwest San Clemente for the last 13 years and for the last 10 years I have looked at two empty fenced lots that used to house a Mobil station and a Top Tune. In addition to the property being an eyesore, I often wonder what could be done with all the empty lots. As you look down El Camino Real, it looks more like a graveyard of old gas stations than a Spanish Village by the Sea. I think it’s time for our City Council to really think about this issue. If we want our property values in our city to continue to grow we need to clean up our gateway to our city.

If the city has decided to never let anything be built on these properties, let’s turn them into parks. How beautiful would it be to walk along El Camino Real, stopping along the way to enjoy ocean views, visit with our neighbors and take pride in our city? I realize parks do not bring revenue into a city and cost money to maintain, but I also know that higher property values bring in more tax dollars. The next time you exit El Camino, look around and ask yourself, “does this look like a beautiful Spanish Village Bye the Sea?”

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  • never happen this fascist city of san clemente cant even tolerate a ladder on a truck , and if these lots are developed their parking will be in front of your home and not on site like the miramar the casino and all of de mar

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