Travis Mann, San Clemente

The Save San Onofre Coalition’s (SSOC) opposition to the city’s lawsuit against the Transportation Corridor Agencies (TCA) is misplaced. As I understand it, the city of San Clemente is seeking to expand the area on which the TCA cannot build a new toll road. Instead of opposing the city, the SSOC should rightfully be opposing the TCA and its rehashed, outdated idea for putting a massive toll road over the community high school, over my neighborhood and over our city. So why isn’t SSOC opposing the TCA? Two reasons: One, their settlement agreement prevents them from opposing any other toll road route the TCA proposes, no matter how much damage and destruction it creates for the rest of San Clemente; and two, more importantly, the coalition is set to be able to access millions of dollars per the terms of that settlement agreement when a toll road is completed. To oppose the city now in hopes of a massive payday from the TCA when a toll road is completed is a sad sellout. SSOC should tear up the “sellout” agreement they entered into with the TCA and join the rest of the city in emphatically opposing any toll road through San Clemente.

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