BOB LUTZ, San Clemente

Well, the City Council has spoken, but they didn’t listen. At the last City Council meeting, many citizens were irritated about the city expanding short-term lodging units (STLU) into the North Beach and Montalvo areas because of parking and other concerns.

Others were wondering, like I was, why the city did not take a common-sense approach to manage STLUs. Why not have a two- or three-strike law for rentals that received complaints? If a rental had two or three complaints in a year, then they wouldn’t be allowed to rent for a year or two.

Instead, the city came up with hundreds of rules and regulations to cope with this issue. And did they solve the problem? Are the rentals that caused all the complaints still able to rent because they’re in these so-called zones?

Others, like myself, had no complaints for years and are now unable to use their homes for STLU purposes.

The City Council seems to have shot themselves in the foot. They may have lost hundreds of thousands of dollars in tax income from homes that are outside these zones, proposed hundreds of laws and regulations, and I don’t know if they have solved the problem.


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  • san clemente has done a great job regulating stl-s and drug rehads houses because those patrons wont be aesthetically offended by ladders or lawn mower on pick up trucks ,because tourist rule and residents drool ?

  • This sounds like someone getting on their pity pot and I didn’t get what I wanted soapbox session because the city studied this and took a measured approach, which was the right thing to do.

    Look at what Anaheim did. They just banned all VRBOs.

comments (2)

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