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Another glowing story by Eric Heinz about street “artists” in the Dec. 15-21 issue of the San Clemente Times. This time we learn that graffiti artist, Bandit, who was highlighted several months ago by Mr. Heinz, will be joined by a gallery of out-of-town street artists from “all over the world” to San Clemente. They will be operating out of the recently opened House of Trestles owned by founder Joshua Host.

I hope that Mr. Host and Mr. Heinz realize that Bandit and other street “artists” create graffiti throughout San Clemente on public and private property that the city of San Clemente spends thousands of dollars yearly to remove. Mr. Host should, as a minimum, encourage his street “artists” to confine their “creations” to his facility and not increase the graffiti in our community that our city has to pay to remove.

Perhaps Mr. Host would like to contribute funds to the city to help in graffiti removal in areas outside his facility.

Editor’s note: Joshua Host, the founder of House of Trestles, has neither suggested nor endorsed graffiti in San Clemente by way of his art endeavor.

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  • It is a shame that San Clemente spends so much for graffiti removal. However there is nothing wrong with encouraging legal street art and artists like Bandit can help.
    Many communities with a graffiti problem are finding that opening areas for wild art and encouraging businesses to do likewise is helping to separate the artists from the trouble makers. The same amount of money may be spent in this. But it becomes easier in this way to separate the artists from the troublemakers.
    Some money may be saved however as less funding if less money is needed for public art projects, as local artists are given more space to improve their craft and beautify the town.

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