Cord Bauer, San Clemente

I watched with admiration as San Clemente residents took hours out of their day to speak for only two minutes at the monthly Transportation Corridor Agencies (TCA) meeting on Feb. 8 in Irvine. There, people stood up for their family and their neighbors and read speeches that they researched and wrote personally.

What a great civics lesson for my kids, I thought. But then it hit me: Would I tell my kids that we were fighting a government agency that admitted to spying on us? Yes, the TCA admitted to following our personal Instagram and Facebook feeds. Would I tell them a government entity had just limited our speeches from three minutes to two minutes and then brought in their own friends and vendors of the TCA to eat up more speaking time?

Would I tell them how the TCA “ambushed” our City Council regarding a public relations contract? The accusation was so over-the-top that representatives from San Juan Capistrano and Anaheim stepped in to squash the nonsense.

No, the politics are too dirty and details too disheartening to explain to grade-school kids. What I will say is that there are people in our community who want to make things better, and they’re willing to stand up against nearly unlimited funds and the highest levels of government power in Orange County. And we’re winning.

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  • Thank you Cord for so eloquently speaking the truth!These men and women are no longer just trying to sell us an uneeeded and damaging toll road through our town but they are now trying to damage our character and that of our council and we will not let them! We will continue to spend the time and funds to protect our city,natural habitat and most important our children that Cord is referring to in his letter!

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