Vonne Barnes, Rancho San Clemente Community Association Board President

Rancho San Clemente wishes to thank the Community Problem Solvers Club (CPSC) from San Clemente High School for taking the initiative to Save Open Space and improve safety along the Ridge Route Trail (RRT).

At the Dec. 6 City Council meeting, CPSC’s co-presidents Sophia Mains and Chloe Kamp and CPSC members Ishaan Mody and Nick Petrocelli addressed the Council, identifying safety problems and solutions showing photographs and design plans for signage and trail fencing along the trail.

To prevent a recurrence of the devastating Knob Hill fire that destroyed 7 acres of open space in the Fire Zone over Thanksgiving weekend on Nov. 25, CPSC asked the Council for signage and 120 feet of trail fencing around the north end of the Ridge Route Trail at Knob Hill.

The Community Problem Solvers have also identified 10 sites along the Ridge Route Trail needing signage, including a sharp, blind curve along the steep trail segment above Harbor View Estates. Sophia Mains informed the Council that the $12,600 annual provision in the 1995 Easement Agreement would pay for the trail improvements, and Mayor Tim Brown invited CPSC to a meeting to review plan details.

RSCCA sincerely appreciates CPSC’s exemplary leadership to provide safety, fire prevention and preservation of open space along the Ridge Route Trail.

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