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ED WARD, San Clemente

During my one-and-only council run last year, I ran head first into the fear-mongering, divisive mob that bankrolled the recent, ridiculous “hit piece” against Jackson Hinkle in the Oct. 17 edition of this paper. 

This ad (which was funded by Eva O’Keefe, Cord Bauer and Tony Rubolino, among others) are the primary online arsonists that stoke hate and ugliness in many of the local San Clemente Facebook groups.

As others have commented (and I agree), our divided city needs to come together for this “Special Election” to elect a “bridge” between the two warring factions of our city council so that we can get to work on the difficult issues facing this city. 

While all citizens should be encouraged to support any candidate that they see fit, we should shun these ugly, divisive mobs who avoid civil, informed debate of the issues and devolve instead into sensationalism spread through ugly hit-piece mailings, newspaper ads, half-truths and innuendo-fueled Facebook groups.  

Our council needs balance—not the election of any candidate who satiates the fervor of the local hate mobs. Let’s choose wisely, San Clemente!

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  • Thank you for telling it like it is Ed. Eva doesn’t stop at attacking politicians. She pulled a background check on me and shared it on a secret FB page. I’m not involved in any campaign, I’m not part of a pac and it wasn’t even election time when she did this. I recieved a letter of apology and $500 to resolve this matter. I declined to sign a confidently agreement and refused to sign the $500 check. Tony has attacked private citizens, city employees, non profit groups. Church leaders and just about anyone who disagrees with him. This group has divided our city. I would never vote for a candidate that associates with this evil , destructive, vindictive group of SO CALLED activist.

  • Dear Ed, Hinkle article wasn’t a hit piece because it was true, he wrote all of the info on his facebook page and it was shared with all of SC…that is spreading the truth. .A hit piece is rumors and lies and was paid for by Kathy Wards backers and now the same people are backing Hinkle. I have included a link so you know what a hit piece is, although at your age that fact you don’t know the difference between the truth and a lie is probably the reason you didn’t win.

  • Julie–

    Of course Hinkle’s last minute hatchet job was a part of the dull-normal squad of pro council geeks here in town. And, it’s perfectly ok that you can’t see that. Young Mr. H posted some legit pics from a party that is running a candidate in our Federal election. Scandalous? Hardly. Of course to be honest, some of the slack jawed fox watching town yokels wouldn’t know the difference between a socialist, a communist or a US Democratic Socialist. Some of us Julie have killed more communists than you will ever meet. There aint any around these parts dear.

    I myself am a center Dem, now to you, this probably means I am for the ‘workers controlling the means of production’ but I assure you that the Democratic party is a long standing patriotic American political party that has fielded some legends over the history of our Nation.

    While many of your cohorts touted Mr. Hinkle as a communist, I can assure you that he is not. I don’t exactly know what Mr. James is, but I did see the photos of him, in his truck, placing his muffler at the edge of a homeless man’s tent and I read witness statements about him reving the engine.

    What exactly is that? I guess you could pretend that it didn’t happen? That probably feels right. –That’s the guy many of your crew supported.

    Wow— What happened to SC, and America? If you say anything about Hinkle, it ought to be to encourage him. One day soon enough, the word Boomer will be quite a hot button insult. Boomers have left a planet in crisis, a right wing racist political party in charge of a Nation and economy that the Mr. Hinkle’s of this world will be required to fix.

    Shame on you.

comments (4)

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