LARRY SCOTT, San Clemente

The Capistrano Unified School District surveyed all the 2020 senior graduates and parents, and the message was very clear: high school graduation is a life-changing moment, rite of passage and deeply important. The vote was to defer the ceremony to later in the summer when restrictions are lifted. 

Seems simple enough, so why is there so much difficulty for CUSD to decide on a date and commit? Hopefully, it is not the result of shortsighted red tape due to a ceremony being scheduled after the district’s technical “year-end” and selfish concerns by the teachers union over a single day’s worth of compensation outside of the school year.

I am confident the union members, teachers and staff can volunteer a single unpaid day of their summer vacation to recognizing our senior students that have poured 12 years of effort into this treasured and important accomplishment. 

As for social distancing, large football fields and PA systems provide the ability to distance safely and limit the audience to parents only. And with simply breaking the ceremony up into multiple groups alphabetically, you will have fewer people than currently occupy our Walmart or Target on any given day. Make it happen, CUSD and teachers union—it’s not that difficult if you really care about the students.  

Oh, and one more thing, front-yard signs and car stickers are not a replacement for a graduation ceremony. 

Triton for life.

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