KARL REITZ, San Clemente

I agree with the letter writer that the Constitution does not say that government should keep us safe. But how should we interpret the phrase in the preamble that says government should provide for the “general welfare” of its citizens?

According to the logic of the writer, the government should not be in the business of making sure our airplanes, our drugs, our food supply, our cars, or even homes are safe. The coronavirus has already killed far more people in the U.S. than terrorists have. 

The extreme libertarian views expressed by the writer are a bigger threat to the well-being of our nation than even the extremist views of religious terrorists. 

Scientists agree that had our government acted in a more timely fashion and been better prepared, many fewer lives would have been lost. Less government has cost lives.

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  • Karl Reitz is typical of the bigots who attack the libertarian community.

    The ‘extreme libertarian’ position he denounces is assumed by the Supreme Court in numerous decisions.

    Libertarians were warning the world about Coronavirus in November and the US government denied, opposed or through idiotic far-left ‘more government’ regulation made very difficult the simple measures they proposed or had already implemented in other countries like South Korea and Mongolia.

    Libertarians stand for science, rights, and voluntary choices. Talk about that.

  • I agree with Karl. The extreme libertarian positions are very often ignorant of the General Welfare Clause and Article Three……….

comments (2)

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