It is great to be witness to democracy in action. This is especially poignant for me personally, as Measure H and Measure I will be before the voters to transform several schools throughout the Capistrano Unified School District.  

What led to Measure H and Measure I began two years ago when I made a decision to apply to serve on the Finance and Facilities Advisory Committee, and the board took the risk to appoint me to the committee and the privilege I had to serve as its vice chair during deliberations.

It was quite a journey, as I was witness to selfless souls who truly lived up to Victor Hugo’s admonition to make sure one always looked to the future, because if the Almighty wanted humans to go back to the past, human heads would have had an eye behind them.

One of the most important aspects of our committee’s work over the past two years was its independence. I was so proud to see the vibrancy of the debate and how we challenged the staff at every turn.

Although we were appointed by the board, we did not take direction from the board and took our charter seriously. I commend the board for adopting both measures for the voters unanimously, because the idea of creating a safe and amenable environment for our children should not be up for debate.

I remembered a conversation I had with an Aliso Niguel student who was jealous after we finished a meeting at JSerra, and I told him to have faith and stay strong—and this Wolverine is now in his first year at UC Berkeley studying engineering.

For me, this journey has been about him and the thousands of other kids who look to us to make sure we create a future of which they can be proud.

I remain hopeful and optimistic.

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