HARRY TOUART, San Clemente

It is amazing that if you have a dog on a leash out on the beach, the lifeguard tower will immediately dispatch one of those Red Honda ATVs or that Yellow Jeep to drive a half-mile down the beach to enforce/cite the “no dogs on the beach” law.

Getting those pesky dogs and their criminal owners off the beach is of the highest degree of importance.

What’s lame is they take no interest in enforcing what is taking place right under their noses in regard to transients and drug addicts smoking drugs under the pier, smoking cigarettes at the pier entrance, blowing smoke on passersby and flicking their butts on the ground.

The overzealous civilian enforcement volunteers should occupy the beach trail, patrol the pier area and North Beach. They could write citations all day long. Like shooting fish in a barrel.

Instead of wasting fuel/resources by driving around town looking for things to write citations for without any prior citizens’ complaints.

This civilian enforcement thing appears to be revenue stream-driven. The city should stop targeting its citizens if it refuses to protect us from the ones we are complaining about. 

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