PAUL A. WEHRLE, San Clemente

I have resided in this community considerably longer than some of the current city councilmembers. I never would have thought our council could have so seriously devolved to its current internecine and dysfunctional status.

The exchanges among members during council meetings have been shameful and embarrassing.

To witness a councilmember out on the street provoking unrest and civil disobedience, flaunting legal directives, is well beyond the pale and completely inappropriate for a sitting councilmember.

Another member seems to be collecting an enemies’ list and has not been respectful of our current acting city manager, a most competent, ethical and honest individual who is probably the major force holding the fabric of our city government together during this perilous time.

I have never been more concerned about our collective future and path forward than at this point in time. I suspect the vitriolic speech, malice, and boorish behavior emanating from the White House might have played a role in the shift of our council’s demeanor and tone.

We desperately need three good responsible citizens to run for city council. A good man, Chris Hamm, has put in his time, and the mayor pro tem is not up for reelection. This city needs our responsible votes, prayers—if you are so inclined—and a lot of hope for a better tomorrow.

I plan on sticking around these parts.

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