TINA TAYLOR, San Clemente

I read with great interest Mr. Hays’ information on sea levels rising and dangerous CO2 levels. 

His answer is to charge a fee on chemicals that produce greenhouse gases (dangerous) and pass that fee along to all U.S. households. If these gases are truly dangerous, how on earth would paying the fee collected to all U.S. households benefit the alleged climate issues and sea level rising concerns? 

Would this not be the same as saying we are going to charge a fee to all murderers and pass the fee on to everyone? This makes no sense. 

I’m on board with rules and regulations that curtail dangerous products, but charging a fee, which would still allow them to continue with these “dangerous” chemicals, is absurd. 

Also, while our government is collecting this fee, do you really think it is going to be passed along to us? All this will do is raise the costs to the consumer and give more money to our government to mismanage.  

Meanwhile, our sea levels issue will still be the same. I hope H.R. 763 does not pass.

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