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GREG POWERS, San Clemente

While driving on Interstate 5 in San Clemente, I saw this banner hanging: “Country B4 Party.” The sign underscored our shortsighted political process.

Rising above Party, I envision a new five-point path forward to distribute tax dollars in a more purposeful way to lead our nation for generations.

  • 1. Bring our troops home: The U.S. has 50,000 troops deployed in the Middle East and other countries. Technology has advanced to allow the U.S. to protect its borders by building a defensive military bubble around our country.
  • 2.  Be the world’s best trading partner: Every country wants a growing economy. Global commerce can be the best antidote to war. Empower our allies with economic incentives, training and access to capital.
  • 3.  Become energy-independent: Eventually, we will run out of oil. Alternative power such as solar and wind are inevitable. JFK declared we will put a man on the moon by the end of the 1960s, so we must set a target to transition to renewable sources. I propose 2050.
  • 4. Solve our social challenges: Our population is large, and we have a responsibility to provide a safety net. Conscious capitalism is more the norm today: fiscally conservative and socially responsible. With the money we save bringing our troops home, repurpose the dollars into solving domestic ills, such as homelessness and drug trafficking.
  • 5. Give 10 cities a mission: Reagan promoted the Shining City on a Hill. We have underutilized capabilities in our smaller cities that struggle, as people and jobs move out. I propose repurposing our federal and state budgets to invest in 10 cities and giving them a 20-year mission. Detroit could be the capital of autonomous driving, Tulsa the hub for wind energy, Sacramento the base for A.I., San Antonio for infrastructure, and Minneapolis for cancer treatment. Instead of welfare, those in need can be given training and jobs in “new sanctuary cities.”

This overarching plan belongs to no political party, but rather repurposes spending to be intentional for the betterment of our country with a 50-year view.

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comments (6)

  • “Country B4 Party.”

    It’s sad that this manifest truth even needs to be announced, it should be inherently obvious to the most casual observer. Leftist Democrats, however, (here I distinguish between classic liberals who do love the country, and leftist Democrats who loath their own country), ALWAYS put party and leftist, victimization ideology before country. They have done irreparable harm to the Democrat party and along with the cancer of “political correctness” , promote the nation destroying philosophy of socialism.

    Freedom, the free market, and the confidence in the protection of private property are what will help ensure our nation thrives.

  • Trump and his cult of personality have dragged this Nation to the precipice. Short of a Democratic win by center Dem leaders in Congress and the WH, we are toast. The pain that is coming will have a global enormity that will be difficult to overstate. This is where the tea party and the ultra right have lead us, exactly where they’ve lead us…..

  • Best economy in 50 years, lowest unemployment rate in a generation, lowest unemployment for African Americans since records have been kept, business and consumer confidence skyrocketing, stock market at record highs (until the Corona Virus) and Trump got the remains of our soldiers back from NK.

    He is the first President to seriously take China on for their cheating and thieving of intellectual property, got our allies to contribute more to their own defense, got us out of the horrible Iran deal Obama hoodwinked our country over, is protecting our nation by building the wall and keeping the invasion to a minimum (the invasion leftist Democrats enable), is rebuilding our military that leftist Democrats have traditionally neglected, and fought back against the enemies that threaten us (like the Iranian terrorist general, Qasem Soleimani).

    If President Trump is dragging this Nation to the precipice, it is the precipice of greatness.

    “The pain that is coming…” is all self inflicted Trump derangement syndrome…take a sedative.

  • Which precipice is that again Dave?

  • best econ in 50 years? LMAO

    Moron Trump looks like a fool honchoing this pandemic response!

    BHO has created more jobs.

    The wall? What wall?

    Mexico paying for it? LMAO


  • My statement, “Best economy in 50 years, lowest unemployment rate in a generation, lowest unemployment for African Americans since records have been kept, business and consumer confidence skyrocketing, stock market at record highs (until the Corona Virus) and Trump got the remains of our soldiers back from NK.”

    Yours, “best econ in 50 years? LMAO”

    While you’re cackling like some drooling imbecile, ask yourself why, if the economy isn’t the best in 50 years, Obama is trying to take credit for it?

    “BHO has created more jobs.”

    Really? So why is black unemployment the lowest since records were kept? Why is the unemployment rate the best in a generation and labor participation rising for the first time decades? Perhaps all you mean is BHO created more in 8 years than President Trump has in 3.

    “The wall? What wall?”

    This wall, no thanks to treasonous, leftist Democrats (as opposed to classical liberals):


    Laughed and drooled your way to sleep I see.

comments (6)

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