RACHEL ENGLE, San Clemente

The Capistrano Unified School District Board of Trustees is not really going to take a national emergency and force teachers and students to use their spring break to address it, are they? 

And have the teachers report to empty classrooms instead of trusting them to work from home?  How is that possible? Our teachers have worked hard, made plans, and deserve to not have a stress-filled week of isolation replace their allocated time off. 

They are credentialed scholars and can work from home as easily as the rest of the work force.

Shame on you, school board. I will be surprised if any one of you is reelected after this fiasco or if anyone will want to pursue a career in education since you treat teachers like such second-class citizens.

You hesitated to close schools here until after Los Angeles, San Diego and most other districts did so, risking the health of our students and teachers.

You demean the ones who give their lives and hearts to our children and receive limited compensation for it already. Start serving the young people of our community and their hard-working educators, or go elsewhere. 

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