My husband and I worked as teachers for a combined total of 30 years in the public school system in different school districts within Orange County. 

Both of us experienced similar learning/teaching environments. We bought our own pencils, paper, and even painted our own classrooms. Both of our schools received millions of dollars in funds for school improvement. 

The changes to our school sites were minor—fresh paint on the outside, some classrooms painted, new handicap bathrooms, handicap ramps, and a better parking lot design. Our school sites looked basically the same after the millions of dollars were spent. 

Measure H money will not make it to the classrooms. There are highly paid administrators who get a large sum of money. Our classrooms were barren and dirty at the start of every school year. 

I used to say that the children should have golden toilets in their bathrooms for the amount of money given to the school system. Instead, as teachers, we were limited in our supplies with high expectations from the higher-ups, and our schools lacked funding for the students. 

Measure H is a scam and will not improve schools. 

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