GARTH TAYLOR, San Clemente

The statue of Vice President John C. Calhoun, apostle of sedition, has been removed from the largest public square in Charleston, South Carolina. The statue of slaveholder James McGill is the subject of a drive for removal from the esplanade of his namesake university in Montreal.  

Let’s discuss whether the bust of the disgraced President Richard Nixon should be removed from the public viewing area of Casa Romantica.

PRO: There is nothing romantic about his impact on American society or the thousands who lost their lives in a losing war he knew was hopeless but refused to end.   

CON: He didn’t kill those kids while he was governor of California; and, he is an illustrious character in the history of his procured community San Clemente. 

Perhaps he could be historically situated in an exhibit of famous criminals from the region.

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  • I liked Dick Nixon. Except for the tapes of the real Nixon where he regularly used epithets against Jews and black citizens— honestly, do we need a statue ANYwhere of this hateful loser?

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