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PHIL HOSKINS, San Clemente

I am writing to address the Letter to the Editor regarding Mayor Brian Maryott’s criticism of Mike Levin taking “dark money” while hypocritically speaking against it.

First, accepting dark money is legal and may, in fact, be beneficial. Identifying contributors has led to the militant arm of the Democrat party, Antifa, dressed in black, wearing masks, attacking and harassing people where they live and attempting to boycott legitimate family business.

This limits free speech and chills political activism.

Of course, we should know who’s supporting political candidates, but there should be a limit on how much information is provided to those who would harass and harm contributors.

Second, it is Mike Levin who should be ashamed. He misrepresented himself as a moderate Democrat. As soon as he was elected, his true agenda became apparent. Shortly after he arrived in Washington, he was on the news, standing behind Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez (AOC) and her squad, announcing he was all-in on the Green New Deal. Mike was in the second row, smiling away, as if to say, “Thanks, suckers.”

Search AOC Green New Deal on YouTube, and you, too, can see yours and my congressman smiling away with the most extreme far-left radical wing of the Democratic Party. He never mentioned that he was a radical left winger when he ran; far from it.

Never mentioned that he wanted to eliminate fossil fuels within 20 years. Now he’s hobnobbing with Nancy Pelosi. Pelosi never showed her face in San Clemente when he was running. The Pelosi connection was hidden. Is there Soros money in his background as well?

Mike Levin is Jackson Hinkle all grown up with the same extreme far-left radical views. Please don’t say “he wants the nuclear waste removed from San Clemente.” Everyone wants that, and everyone is against the toll road.

Levin is not a Kennedy Democrat. Far from it. He is, in fact, an AOC Democrat, the Democrat wing that has hijacked the once great party working for the blue collar worker. That Democratic Party is long gone.

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  • If you think the Democrats have been hijacked by the left, how about the Republicans? You say the “Kennedy Democrats” are long gone, well I can assure you that the Reagan Republicans are also MIA.

    What exists in this country today is a complete elimination of the middle when it comes to the parties. Ironically, they seem to miss the fact the the large majority of voters in both parties are more comfortable with moderation than extremism.

    Change, innovation and growth are part of the natural development of society. But it works best when it happens gradually and thoughtfully. It’s like driving a car, a slow gradual turn is more comfortable to the passengers that a quick violent one.

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