Let’s be honest, no one has an answer to the homeless problem. Our elected politicians no more have the answer than I, you or anybody else does.

The idea of putting a group of people in the dog park or, for that matter, placing them anywhere is not the answer. My concerns:

When the perfect location is found, who is going to help supply them with the (minimum) necessities for life? They will need clean water to drink and for other use. They need electricity and street lamps, so they won’t have to live in total darkness at night, and gas for cooking and heaters to keep warm.

We don’t want them to build fires so near the dry slopes and trees. Maybe, trash cans and a phone(s), in case someone needs help. Health care checks are most important to keep any illness, like the flu, under control.

We will need a cleaning crew to go into a tent city daily to clean the area and clean the portable outhouses. Trash and food left out in the open invite rats, snakes, mountain lions, coyotes and other creatures.

They will need security checks, because when you get too many people in a small area, shoulder-to-shoulder, there will be problems. The dog park is minutes away from a skate park for young children and teenagers, four baseball fields, a playground for very young children, hiking trails and hundreds of acres of vacant dry fields and trees.

I wish I had an answer; I wish someone had an answer, but the truth is, today, there is no answer how to eliminate the homelessness problem. But that doesn’t mean that we can’t try to help them.

We can’t just place homeless people somewhere, out of sight, forget about them and hope they disappear. Placing a large group of people together anywhere comes with problems and many responsibilities that we will have to deal with.

I haven’t heard from our leaders, about who will be taking care of all the needs and other problems that will come when someone does find the “perfect location.”

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  • the camp on pico worked great but because no other community had a camp ours became over used ,,
    hats off to our council for trying ,, it proves that its bigger problem than a city can deal with and it should be pushed back on the county

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