MARGE SOSA, San Clemente

I read with interest the two letters regarding the dog park being designated a homeless shelter.  We do need a homeless shelter, but the dog park is not a good idea. Likely, most homeless wouldn’t even agree to go there.

First of all, there is no access to anything a homeless person would need: no bus, no food, nor any amenities.

Being so close to a children’s skate/ballpark is truly foolhardy and dangerous to our young people. Remember, many homeless are mentally ill.

But the number one reason is the fire danger to the Rancho San Clemente Industrial Park and to the whole development. A fire next to the dog park could spark devastating property damage, costing millions, and spawn many lawsuits—not something our city can afford at this point. (I was astounded in the same edition of the San Clemente Times to learn of the horribly high legal costs our City has incurred.)

Has the City investigated building a homeless shelter on the same land where they had pitched the tents? That is about the same size as the dog park and does not have the same drawbacks, except the Jim Johnson Child Park, which could be relocated north of the Outlets.

No fire danger. It has access to buses and other amenities. I never see anyone in that park when I drive or walk by.

We have frequented the two dog parks ever since they opened and have made good friends. I can tell you that putting large dogs like German shepherds and pit bulls in a smaller space with poodles and chihuahuas is asking for trouble. 

If Ms. Peery thinks the dog parks are not used frequently, she does not go there very often. I rarely go there without seeing dogs. The small-dog section is not suitable or capable of handling our dog population. Early mornings and late afternoons are especially busy.

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