As one of the dog owners quoted in a recent article on the dog park, I am very pleased that our concerns will reach a much larger audience.

Shawn Raymundo did an excellent job of explaining why we should be allowed to keep the only dog park in San Clemente and why it is impracticable to stuff every size/temperament dog together in the small-dog side.

My morning group has been doing the best we could to get the word out to fellow dog owners, the nearby animal shelter, the golf club that abuts, and passing hikers and bikers. Now, thanks to the SC Times article, all of San Clemente will learn of this ludicrous plan, especially parents of young children at the ballpark and skate park only two-tenths of a mile away.

On page 3 of the same issue, there is an article about a different issue that came before the city council: cell towers.

One of the five city council members, Mr. Chris Hamm, is quoted as saying, “I’ve been a firm believer that if we have a community that rises up and has a serious concern that we need to fight it and represent the community.”

Well, we are the community—the tax-paying, voting community—who very much want to keep our dog park.

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