Thanks, “Lone Ranger,” for pointing us to the “Masks and face coverings” section of the state’s coronavirus response webpage. Hmmm . . . let’s see. The website states: “Coronavirus spreads when an infected person speaks, sneezes, or coughs within 6 feet of others. You may have the virus and spread it even if you feel well.

“To prevent infection, you must cover your nose and mouth when outside your home. So wearing a mask is now required statewide. Wearing a mask or cloth face covering can slow the spread of COVID-19 by limiting the release of virus into the air.”

It also shows you care about the health of others.

“Don’t wear your mask under your nose or just under your chin. A mask is only effective if it covers both ways you breathe,” according to the website.

It goes on to define “Public” and list options for wearing a face mask like a shield for those who may have trouble, FYI.

By the way, Webster defines “Lone Ranger” as one who acts alone and without consultation or the approval of others, broadly: loner.

Other descriptions include: bohemian, counter culturist, deviant, enfant terrible, iconoclast, and nonconformist. Oh, my, and let’s not forget that The Lone Ranger is a fictional character, as in not real.

But, I hope that doesn’t mean that you are one of the, as you say, unintended consequences who think (it is) emboldening rioters and looters because they have to wear masks. I hope not. 

However, I do hope that you carry a special silver bullet that will vaccinate all us regular folk. Now that would truly be kind.

Let’s get real here. People are dying from this virus every day. We are in a pandemic. This is no time for spreading the virus and misinformation that only prolongs our dangerously high statistics and misery.

So, Mr. Lone Ranger, are you really part of the solution? Or do you hide behind your mask?

Editor’s Note: This letter was previously submitted in early September as a response to a previous letter writer.

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