I just finished the News Bites article: “No July 4 Fireworks Display at Pier; City Considering Alternatives.”

In the article, Assistant City Manager Eric Sund reportedly told councilmembers that the city is potentially looking at holding the fireworks show at the Vista Hermosa Sports Park.

The statement: “The purpose of this is for San Clemente residents to be able to stay home and view the fireworks from their home.” Does Mr. Sund live in Talega and, therefore, will be able to see the fireworks from his home?

I live on the hill above the pier with hundreds of other San Clement residents and have been watching the fireworks from home for 30 years. Does Mr. Sund think more San Clemente residents will be able to see the fireworks near Talega or from the original and “real” San Clemente region above the pier? 

Rethink this, city managers. We may as well just cancel the fireworks and save the city some money. Let’s have the fireworks “in San Clemente” or not have them at all!

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