School board trustees play a critical role in the health of our community. I work closely with Capistrano Unified School District as a partner in supporting the social, emotional health of our youth.

In this work, and as a parent of three CUSD alumni, I have had the opportunity to watch the school Board of Trustees govern the admirable work of our district staff, teachers, and administrators.

I understand the importance of approaching my vote for trustee with as much knowledge as possible. I believe strongly in researching all of the votes that I cast, and for me, the school board trustee is one of the most important votes in our community and one that makes a tremendous impact on our future well-being.

Thankfully, this November, my choice is easy. I have known Sue Hill since 2014, when I founded the Wellness & Prevention Center and began helping the youth and families in our schools and community.

Sue has been a passionate PTA/PTSA leader who continually fought for what was best for our youth. She tirelessly approached all of her volunteer roles with a passion that benefited San Clemente families and schools.

She has extensive experience interacting with parents, staff, teachers, administrators, and the CUSD Trustees. She has earned the respect of all of those parties and will continue to make the tough calls necessary to ensure our youth get the best educational services possible.

There is no question that she is the best candidate to guard my values and protect the taxpayers’ money as she advocates for the students.

I will be voting for Sue Hill for CUSD Trustee. Please take the time to learn about all three of the candidates and make your school board representative vote count!

Editor’s Note: Susan Parmelee is a regular contributor to SC Times through her guest opinion column, “Wellness & Prevention.” She is not an employee or paid by SC Times, and her opinions both in this letter and in her guest opinion are hers, and do not reflect the opinion of the SC Times.”

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