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Terri Hunt, San Clemente

To the San Clemente City Council,

As a resident of San Clemente since 1955, I think I have earned the right to speak to the issue of permitting a “sex shop” to park itself in our city.

We have all worked for many years in many different ways to promote the benefits of our city. The downtown area has struggled for years to find a following in order to compete with the malls and other shopping venues. I think we have done a great job encouraging new boutique shops and cool restaurants, antique shops etc.

And now you want to allow Intimate Obsessions to park itself in the middle of all the good we have done to upgrade our image? Come on. Pizza Port is the destination for all our kids and grandkids after sports. Sonny’s is not far down from there. And not to mention the Presbyterian Church and preschool, what are you thinking?

Let’s be real. You know as well as I do that the minute you give them (Intimate Obsessions) a license, the 15 percent will become 20, then 30 then 50 and then who knows.

You give voice to us on the toll road, North Beach, Shorecliffs, why not give us a voice on this? After all, the toll road and North Beach and Shorecliffs are nothing more that dirt and concrete. Intimate Obsessions goes to the core of who we are as a city. What do we want to be known for, a beautiful seaside village where we can walk our streets and feel proud, or a city where we have to make excuses for the trash that is thrown in between the treasure? Please, give us a chance to make our voices heard.

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comments (4)

  • We already have ConRev so this is a lawsuit waiting to happen. Sorry, but intimate obsessions will most likely arrive, or the city will pay legal fees and penalties to make them go away. They are coming unless someone pays the owner to go away.

    Personally, I know from visits that this is not a bad shop. Good for some people and marriages. How many other shops in town sell sexy clothing, alchohol, bongs, tatoos, tobacco and religous views that may not jive with your idea of San Clemente? I am not a hater on this one.

  • As the previous comment said, we already have ConRev which is a sex shop selling everything from porn to sex toys to sexy clothing. San Clemente has all of us living in it, most of us have a pretty good and active sex life. We go to stores like this because we want the products they sell. There is no need to try to prevent these kinds of stores, they don’t harm anyone. In fact they promote a healthy and honest view of sex and normal human activities without trying to demonize them. So what if your kid has to walk by the shop on the way to Pizza Port, they are not old enough to get into the shop so where is the harm. It’s not like the products they sell are on display in the window. Your kids probably get exposed to more bad behavior and bad habits hanging out in Pizza Port which is a brewery and promotes alcohol which is 1000 times more harmful than a sex shop. Your priorities are way wrong on this. You sound like the little old ladies who picketed in front of ConRev before it opened. From what I can tell ConRev is doing great business and so far has not harmed any children or old folks in the process. As long as there are city regulations keeping adult shops in check, there is no valid argument to keep them from us as a city. Most of us want them here.

  • LOL— Where are all the tea baggers?? Don’t you folks always say “private property rights”– they can lease to WHOever they want to== porn shop–halfway house–methedone clinic–whatever—- it’s private property! LMAO Come on tea baggers get on this thread asap!

  • oh— and SC needs more “smoke shops”—- lmao—- private property rights so I can buy more glass meth pipes!

comments (4)

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