TOM & MARISA EADS, San Clemente

Both of our fathers taught and coached at San Clemente High School (Coach Tom Eads and Coach Tony “Babe” Sisca). We both went to SCHS and local elementary and middle schools, as did our kids.

So voting yes on Measure H is a no-brainer for us. We know the schools in town need repairs and upgrades and that this bond is the only way to accomplish them. (It also gives our district a shot at state facilities funding we keep missing out on.)

We also confirmed that the money must be spent on our local schools, not salaries or administrative facilities or schools in other communities. 

But voting yes on H is not just about giving back to local schools that have given us so much.  Good schools boost property values, while deteriorating schools lower property values.  

A good return on investment and doing right by the next generation of San Clemente students are the reasons we hope you’ll join your friends, neighbors and us in voting yes on H.

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