In the “Soapbox” section of a recent San Clemente Times, I was amused by reading a letter from a San Clemente resident lamenting over the “low” voter turnout in our Special City Council Election held (last) month.

While I certainly agree that we should always hope that every registered voter would vote in an election, I must respectfully disagree that the turnout was low.

When you visit ocvote.com, you are able to research results, voting regulations and projections. By the Orange County Registrar’s own projection, the predicted ballot return during a Special Election is “between 10% and 20% of registered voters.” By the way, this is not the Gene James Registrar, this is the Orange County Registrar of Voters.

This estimation is based on past election participation. Using these statistics, our voter participation was outstanding. The turnout was nearly double (37.5%) that of the highest Registrar estimate. Well done, San Clemente. No matter who you voted for, you voted. Thank you, all!

Let me end by saying that a 55% majority in a five-person race is a mandate. It is nearly unheard of. Do some research and see. On the same Registrar webpage, you can check out another city’s special election held at the same time as ours. There were six candidates, and the results were bunched in the 20% area descending into the teens.

It is my opinion that the turnout could have been 90% and the percentages would have been the same. Gene still would have been the majority winner in a five-person pace. Decisive.

Thank you, San Clemente voters.

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