JEFF BERG, San Clemente

Measure H has dominated letters to the editor recently, but perhaps local citizens should consider giving some attention to Assembly Bill 2016, which guides the state’s school system over which ethnic communities should be represented in California’s first ethnic studies curriculum.

It appears as though the intent of California legislators and the will of taxpayers were subverted by members of the School Board-appointed model curriculum advisory committee.

The legislation outlined a non-political, multicultural approach mandating the high school curriculum on ethnic studies, yet committee members produced a draft that promoted their own controversial politics and excluded many other ethnic groups.

Dozens of California’s elected officials, including Gov. Newsom, promised that the original draft curriculum would be substantially revised, yet recent statements by Department of Education officials indicate a plan to move forward with the politically motivated and exclusionary approach of the original draft curriculum.

So what might you expect to see if the curriculum sails through as is? Partisan political agendas equating capitalism with racism, other one-sided narratives and misplaced activism.

I’d encourage everyone who has an interest in the curriculum their children are being taught to read the op-ed entitled “California’s ethnic studies proposal is incomplete and offensive” in the San Francisco Chronicle and other supporting information to properly weigh in on this important issue.

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