No one likes taxes. It’s not because of our gut reaction that someone is taking away our hard-earned money.

Most of us realize that no item for the public good, from national defense and infrastructure to local police, fire, and school services, can be funded simply by generous philanthropic donations, charities, or fundraisers.

Everyone has to contribute their fair share to promote and protect the present and future of our society. 

The greatest objection to taxes, however, is the thought of our money being misspent in some distant capital on projects we have no knowledge of, don’t support and have no control over.  That’s why I have no problem and am an enthusiastic supporter of Measure H.

First, it is vastly upgrading and improving the environment in which our students learn. Even though we may not have children currently in the system, we have an ongoing interest in the future of an educated, civic-minded public, which will continue to bring discipline, expertise, and innovation into whatever field of business or service that we encounter and depend on.

Secondly, the proof of our investment will arise before our very eyes, from retrofitted and renovated modern classrooms at all the local K-12 schools, to additional student service and innovations centers, an aquatic center, and a performing arts theater at San Clemente High School. 

Lastly, throughout the project, an independent citizen’s oversight committee, working with the design and construction experts, will guarantee that our money is spent wisely.

Measure H is a thoughtful, worthy investment with obvious, measurable dividends. It’s one that can bridge the gap of the current national divide and unite this community behind a common good. 

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