STEVE JUDD, San Clemente

I enjoy reading the San Clemente Times every Thursday and get most of my local, mostly unbiased, news from it. I am also very happy that the San Clemente City Council elections are finally over until next year. Hopefully, now the mudslinging from all sides will stop.

Something for everyone to contemplate is that there may be a reason why out of the 40,105 registered voters in San Clemente, the voter turnout was so low. All we had to do was vote for one candidate and put the already stamped envelope into our mailbox.

How much easier could they make it? I think we have all seen pictures of voters in other countries under possible threat of terrorist attack waiting hours in line to vote. The winner of our election, Gene James, won with only 20% of eligible votes—hardly a mandate, but undoubtedly more than all the other candidates.

Why such a low turnout? We didn’t even have to take time from our busy schedules or stand in the rain to vote. Are we really that apathetic or just disgusted with the ugliness, San Clemente?

On a more positive note—kudos to Fred Swegles for another enjoyable essay. Some of our Spanish-named streets are a mouthful.

His essay reminded me of the commonly mispronounced second largest city in the U.S. How many native and non-native Californians pronounce Los Angeles, Las Angeles?

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