What great news for all of us who live in, visit and love San Clemente.

Sane minds prevailed, came together and decided a non-toll extension of the 241 Toll Road would suffice to ease traffic by connecting to La Pata and having traffic use Camino De Los Mares, Vista Hermosa and Avenida Pico to access Interstate 5.

Those of us wanting nothing to do with a toll road bisecting our town, while bringing construction aftermath in its wake, have been vindicated. Now preservation of wildlife, quality of life and the beauty that is San Clemente are at hand.

Whether it’s the mild sea breezes flowing throughout our town or the parade of rolling hills emptying to the sea, all of a sudden, we have a brighter future in store for life in San Clemente.

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  • Thank you to all of the anti road activists over all of the years but particular tanks to the Sierra Club and the Surfrider Foundation and Friends of the F Hills who started so long ago and pit this issue on the map!!!!!!! That crew made this al possible—–

    Job Well Done! EWWWWWRAHHHH!

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