So the Capistrano Unified School District wants us to pass another school bond tax on ourselves for another 30 years.

We are already paying on a prior school bond (Measure A from 1999), plus all of the taxes and extra taxes (Propositions 30 and 55, as stated in Craig Alexander’s guest column about this subject), high gas taxes and more.

Plus, it appears the CUSD requested money from taxpayers in 1999 and now wants more money to pay for the some of the same things again. As Mr. Alexander asked, why are they asking us to pay for the same things twice?

And the district has declining enrollment, which will likely cause it to close some school sites over the next few years. All this, plus the large amounts of our tax dollars CUSD is paying its employees while neglecting its school buildings, are not a wise use of our tax money.

Wow, the District pays the top two employees (the superintendent and deputy superintendent) each more than the previous governor of California.

Everyone wants nice buildings for students to attend, but this district needs to prove it is worthy of our trust with our tax dollars.  

They have not earned mine, and I am voting no on Measure H.

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