HARRY TOUART, San Clemente

All residents take heed. A motorcycle deputy is back, aggressively writing tickets again. This officer was seen around 8 a.m., sitting at the bottom of long hills in Talega giving out tickets one after another.

For all you half-asleep citizens, going back to work, getting your life back from a government lockdown, finally getting back to your morning routine and attempting to have a sense of normalcy, beware.

There is more than COVID-19 with which to be concerned.

If OCSD is so concerned with safety, why don’t officers place one of those high-dollar portable speed monitoring devices out? The machines we taxpayers foot the bill for, instead of writing shell-shocked citizens $500 tickets. Oh, I guess that’s not profitable.

Although, if you are victims of criminal activity and call OCSD, watch how long it takes for a deputy to respond. 

Last I heard, it could take hours for a business break-in. Maybe that motorcycle deputy should be responding to citizens’ needs instead of creating more anxiety in their lives.

Whatever happened to serve and protect?

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