GEORGE ALLEN, Radiation Tech at SONGS

A recent letter by Paul Blanch is misleading. The NRC has reduced the emergency plan requirement at San Onofre to the site boundary, because there is no threat for an off-site release of radioactive material.  

It is not a good thing to try scare the public. Gamma radiation monitors have been made live at the public’s request. These monitors show background radiation levels that are safe and expected.  

There are also radiation air monitors at the site boundaries that show background air radiation levels that are safe and expected. Please understand, the public is safe from radiation exposures from San Onofre.

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  • George–

    I’m glad you have a job and are doing very important work trying to protect us.

    PLEASE save us the pro industry bs. South San Clemente is a nuke pile waste dump. We know this. We don’t really need you to admit it. We want that stuff gone. It’s dangerous and frankly we don’t care what your PR masters think about it.

    Please stop writing letters.

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