I feel compelled to respond to the letter to the editor that was titled Safe? in a recent edition of the San Clemente Times.  

Mr. Brantuk states people shouldn’t be seduced by the “lazy” thought that someone else (police, city/state/federal elected, etc.) needs to take care of us.

Alan Hostetter encouraging people to take down the fences at the Pier Bowl parking lot is vandalism and breaking the law and a terrible example for young people.  

Mr. Brantuk’s letter also states that “it is up to each of us to determine what is best for ourselves.” Perhaps Mr. Brantuk has been watching the news the past few nights.  

Yes, one bad cop (and there are rotten apples in every profession) has set off a chain reaction of violence, destruction and mayhem across the country. People are running rampant stealing and taking everything and anything just because they want to.  

We need our police force to keep us safe. Mr. Brantuk’s letter starts out with an oath that elected public servants take.  

Well, every single police officer takes an oath before his badge is pinned on, and that is to “protect and serve.”  I am grateful that we have men and women who have the courage to undertake this career, especially in this day and age.

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