A letter writer in a recent San Clemente Times Letter to the Editor is heaping an awful lot of blame for the situation at San Onofre on a congressman who has been in office since January 2019.

I see that he supports a candidate from the other political party, San Juan Capistrano Councilmember Brian Maryott, for Congress.

I want to remind the letter writer that this district, in which San Onofre resides, has been led by congressmen from Maryott’s party (Republicans) since 1993.

They were in office when the clock ran out in 1998 on getting a federal disposal site for spent fuel. They were in office when San Onofre was handed the responsibility of coming up with an on-site storage system for the spent fuel. They were in office when the robust storage and transport casks developed by us at San Onofre were replaced by the current storage-only units.

The letter writer is welcome to vote for whichever party he chooses, but please do not expect the voters of this district to return to office the party under which our situation was allowed to develop.

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