JAY THOMAS, San Clemente

When I read the letter thanking U.S. Rep. Mike Levin for his report on the San Onofre nuclear dump site, I thought that maybe it was a joke. 

It’s hard to believe that during Mr. Levin’s just two years in office, there will have been 44 canisters—each holding 37 assemblies, each holding 236 fuel rods, so a grand total of over 375,000 highly radioactive fuel rods—buried steps from the beach at San Onofre. 

And this deserves praise? What I think it deserves is for Mr. Levin to be fired as our representative and that the job be given to someone else to see if they can do better. (They can’t do much worse.)

I’ll be voting for Brian Maryott to be my representative in Washington, D.C. Maybe he can get things done. 

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