PAMELA PEERY, San Clemente 

As a former editor of the Los Angeles Daily Journal, I am appalled at your flagrant violation of basic news journal standards. Your recent front page article on Gene James, on practically the eve of the election, violated basic news standards. 

Print news outlets are not supposed to print character assassination articles like this so close to election time. A month ago—fine. That would have given James time to refute and counter the allegations. It’s proof of an effort on your part to inappropriately influence the election. 

Shame on you, San Clemente Times. I expected more integrity from you.

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  • The coverage by the local paper was fair. The news for James was bad because the reality is that there are some unpleasant realities about him. Some are only accusations and some are fact. I thought the paper did a good job of covering the news and getting comment from all folks concerned. Bravo for Journalists in this day and age that endure huge ignorance from the cult of trump that has seeped all the way out into local politics. Professional journalism is nothing to be afraid of. Let’s see how Mr. James does in office, maybe he’s changed, maybe we will see a moderate who represents all people and brings folks together in compromise. We will see.

    Semper Fi

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