Sour grapes seems to be the theme from the Soapbox in the San Clemente Times in recent weeks. Even though the election was over, some just could not let it go.

Hmm, sound familiar? One letter expounds on the Republican Party of Orange County (OCGOP) mistakenly touting a medal given to then-candidate Gene James while he was in the military.

It was not James who put this out there, and he did vehemently disavow it. Another writer critiques James’ call for civility as weak.

Another praises Hinkle, an individual who was clearly a tool of the left, using many of the Saul Salinsky “Rules for Radicals” instructions to run an election.

The people of San Clemente should be alarmed that this leftist kid, who lied to many of us for the last year, got over 4,000 votes. Hinkle’s war chest of over $20,000 was telling. This money was to fight for a city council seat in our little town of San Clemente?

 I know many, for I am one, Hinkle personally tried to deceive during his campaign. Hinkle was being used to disrupt our election process.

He had the money and was contacting citizens and spewing deception on a daily basis. Hinkle was caught in several big lies and was or is under investigation. This kid is not a hero; he was an anarchist/leftist plant to damage San Clemente.

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  • Bingo! The people who supported him either had an agenda (the majority), were young & clearly uniformed, or would vote for anything registered Democrat. Sad. Thank God they were not the majority. We have many smart, educated, and caring citizens in this town. Very thankful for that.

  • Hinkle is a “tool of the left”?

    LOL– turn of the Faux News, he was just a young man running for the council— you don’t have to vote for him but pease you can’t be so desperate that you have to do your Eugene McCarthy dance on him…..do you?

    G James? Well yes the false decoration was troubling for sure but much worse are the published pics of him with his monster truck backed up to the homeless person’s tent gassing him…..

    SC aint what it used to be…..

  • “Leftist”, “anything registered Democrat”! Can any of you people actually stick to talking facts without going all Trumpian on people you disagree with politically? Labeling people is not an argument or a position. Defining the letter writers in this thread as Rightwing Republican Extremists or politcized far right Evangelicals, doesn’t address the validity of their arguments. I have no idea why Hinkle is good or bad for San Clemente, only that he supposedly follows some sinister election advice from a Communist theorist no one has ever heard of! A rather pathetic accusation that has no bearing on Mr. Hinkle’s platform or agenda.

comments (3)

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