This is a daunting time for everyone; I get that.

Most artists, such as myself, have studios and artwork that is available for purchase. It can be delivered to your front door, no contact needed.

If you’re stuck at home, it will be a welcome change to have something new to brighten your home and mood. Most hospitals have massive art collections on all their walls and in rooms, because it has been shown to be healing and spirit-lifting and comforting.

Please consider buying art directly from the local artists right now. All other sources of revenue have dried up, because warehouses are closed to ship the work on other online websites. We are part of the sink-or-swim in our community, too.

I have my studio in San Clemente and will allow one visitor to come by with an appointment if they would like to view the artwork. I would also prefer they wear a face cover if they do. It doesn’t have to be a mask, but a bandana or something.

The studio is located at 1623 North El Camino Real, Suite C. My website and online gallery to view my work is

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